A little about O'beehave and The Re*Fill Project - REFILL BAR OPENS IN BABYLON VILLAGE

For years, owner Jeanine Longo wanted to inspire change in the salon & shampoo industry. The amount of plastic waste created by salon, and beauty products continues to multiply and could be improved upon. With the help of a chemist that specializes in creating safe, natural and effective products, combined with Bean's knowledge about what the hair and scalp need to remain healthy, and an almost obsession in trying to figure out how to REFILL bottles in the salon; O'beehave was born.  The original line up began with three cleansers and one conditioner, but now there are over 10 products on tap.  Grab one of our Lifetime Containers and fill it up! Mix and Match the products or pour it neat into your Refillable Container. You can't go wrong.

O'beehave's line of organic shampoos and conditioners can be used on all hair types and by the whole family *yes, even the furry ones.  O'beehave products balance the pH which makes them a perfect system for the face and body as well.  "We have expanded our line and every single "flavor" has amazing benefits for hair and skin.  They work beautifully together alone or they canbe mixed and matched.  A favorite blend is the Tequila Sunrise.  It's a Blend of our Neroli, Broccoli Seed Oil and Citrus Sunshine Washes.  It's gorgeous to look at and to use. It's an extremely simple, yet effective system. My clients tell me over and over that they are in LOVE and that there hair has never 'behaved better.  It makes me so happy to be able to offer a simple, luxury, earth friendly product line that people really respond to.  Clients are so dedicated to Refilling and everytime they Refill they make an difference.  It's really cool to witness."

O'beehave can be purchased in a Lifetime Container that we encourage you to use time and time again. Just bring the bottle in to REFILL at our Shampoo Bar. We have a Brick and Mortar Storefront located at 32 Deer Park Avenue in Babylon Village and COMING SOON REFILL Depots will be in Brooklyn and Ocean Beach Fire Island.  O'beehave is a simple, real-deal, earth friendly luxury brand that's affordable and really easy and fun to use and perfect for all hair and skin types.

Want to try O'beehave for yourself? Stop by our shop in Babylon or order on line by emailing bean@thebeehivesalon.com.  O'beehave Naturals Flagship Store is Open 7 days a week and is located in the heart of Babylon Village at 32 Deer Park Avenue. 631-422-0950